About Us

SportsmanGun is a family owned and operated small business in Newton, North Carolina; working in the Firearms industry in excess of forty-five years.

We offer the largest selection of Firearms, Ammo, and related accessories; including both new and used Long Guns and Handguns in the Newton-Catawba County, NC area. We stock and Special order firearms and related accessories for hunting, protection, competition, collections, and sporting.

SportsmanGun has experienced personnel to assist the experienced shooters with new purchases; as well as guiding the novices in selecting their first Firearms.

Our founder and President retired from the North Carolina Highway Patrol after achieving the rank of Lieutenant. During his thirty year career, firearms training was one of his duties. Trading Firearms, Knives, and Coins was always a hobby. After retirement he opened SportsmanGun and Pawn.

Our Floor Manager has extensive customer service experience with more than twenty-five years in the hospitality industry. He joined the family and SportsmanGun for a crash course in Firearms and Pawn services. He uses his experience and this knowledge to care for our customers.

Our co-founder and General Manager spent ten years as a municipal police officer before progressing to business administration, and worked with the President to bring SportsmanGun & Pawn to life.