Until 12/20/2021

Pawn Loans

We are reducing our size.  We are no longer taking new pawns.  All pawns must be paid in full and picked up by 20 December 2021.

Firearms transfers

In store Fireams Transfers for customers with valid NC permits or NICS checks and valid photo identification; for your out of state purchases from other dealers.
Transfers from verifiable FFL Dealer sellers.

Special orders

Special orders of firearms not in stock, with deposit.
Special orders may be back-orders if the item is in limited supply, with deposit.


Layaways on purchases with 25% deposit on in-store purchases. No service fees.  All layaways must be paid in full and picked up by 20 December 2021


Glock Armorer on staff.

Accept trade-in Firearms on in-store transactions

In store Firearms appraisals or estimates
Verbal one or two guns no fee.

Fees for verbal multiples or written appraisals.

Stop by SportsmanGun, or phone (828) 465-6155 for additional details.