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Baby Browning PSA 1 OF 55
Precision Small Arms frame. 1960's Fabrique Nationale slide & detail parts, Browining black nylo..
Browning/Fabrique Nationale. 1905-FN Vest Pocket - SOLD
Browning/Fabrique Nationale. 1905-FN Vest Pocket, Second Variation. 6.35mm caliber (.25ACP), six sho..
Erma EP-25 in box - SOLD
Erma-Werke. EP-25. .25ACP caliber, 7-shot semi-auto pistol. 2¾-inch barrel, blue finish, wood grips,..
Gambler's Special
Butler gold tone frame with blue barrel. Copy of the Colt Gambler's Special. .22 short, side pivotin..
S&W Model 10 -Sold
S&W Model 10 in box. .38spl revolver, 6-shot, K-frame, fixed sites, 6-inch barrel, wood grips, n..
Thunder Ranch Special -SOLD
S&W 21 Thunder Ranch .44 Spl., in box, blued with 24K gold plated Thunder Ranch insignia., 4" ba..